Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Seriously randome

1. are you a crier? Do you cry easy? (like when customers yell at you?)

2. In Winnemucca, we call ourselves "Winnemuccans"
How does one call themselves in the cities they live?
I was thinking specifically Elko..... cuz we were talking about it at lunch. What do we call them.... Elkens? Elkoites?
and then the rest of you too?

Okay....I'll start with the answers that came in already...
but I want answers from all of you.

from Meghan Stone in Livermore, CA:
I used to call people who lived in Livermore Livermorons.
But I live here now!! so ... now we are the wine-ohs. growing up, being a 4th generation San Franciscan, we were called Native Daughters... which I guess many cities called their daughters??? or no? we were the Native Daughters......

from Sadie Stone in New Haven, CT:
When we lived in Stockton we were Stocktonians (which I always thought was ridiculous sounding) In New Haven, it's the elm city. When people are referring to the area or the people in it, it's the Elm city residents. I actually have an ID that labels me as such, called the Elm city resident ID card. No New Havians or anything nutty like that as far as I've ever heard.On the same note at Yale we're called Yalies.

from Tomi Pingree in Kaysville, UT:
We are called Elkoans.

As you can deduce, Tomi "was" an Elkoan. Now she's a Kaysville Kutie!! Or a Kay-Villain.
Interesting...Elm City residents.
and still laughing about the LiverMORONS.

I'm cryyyyyyin' (over you)

from Meghan:
yes...I cry very easily....not if someone yells....(oh, no you DIDN'T?) but at more joyous things, like when I am at a musical and the music swells? also daily at Oprah, whatever the topic may be.

well....not in front of anyone, but after they leave!!

from Sadie:
I can be a crier- it depends on the situation. Frustration will lead me to tears, and sometimes when customers yell it is just frustrating, but other times it just makes me mad. But I cry a lot more than I used to.

from Tomi:
Yes-I'm such a crier! Not so much when people are squawking at me, but in more of a sentimental, schmultzy way. I cry when the kids have been gone for awhile and they come home. I cry when they leave. I cry when I read, watch movies, hear patriotic music. I cry at church. I'm a weenie.

you should have come to the "wiener" fest.

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