Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hiccups cont.

from Jolina in Nevada:
time warp?
you are so funny.
Isn't it always when they go out to buy cigarettes that they disappear? If Rich suddenly gets the urge to take up smoking, then I'd worry.

from me/debbie
no really...a time warp. I saw it on a movie once.
I always think people go thru them when I can't find them.
It would be humorous, but it's kind of scary to me. LOL (you know I'm kidding, right?) (but if he does take up smoking....I'll be worried)

from Lisa in Nevada:
that is weird Debbie! I have never been woken up by them, that must have been annoying. I am not sure what it means if anything but I just read something about hiccups but I cannot remember where.....maybe I will remember at some point. Cohen has them on a daily basis and he even had them often while in the womb......

from Diana in Nevada:
Doesn't that mean that you are growing? Hey,I met a foodie at the rib cook off. He took pictures of all the ribs that he purchased.

growing? GROWING????
maybe for Cohen, but me? (sigh) you know, I think this might be true. I'm growing. Out.

you should have got the foodies blog!

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