Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Finish Lines

Finish lines....
(this is how you play..... I give you a line, you send back the finish)
okay, ready

Silly rabbit.......

Hooray....we have a winner!!

Silly Rabbit!!

from my mother in law, Teresa Belcher of Pasco, WA:
Silly rabbit, it looks like you are having a bad hare day.

okay....it's a generational thing perhaps.

but.... Mitzi of Winnemucca, N V said:
...that's not a bird!

:0) Bambi, right?

interesting too!! I wasn't thinking of Bambi. But you were the only one to go that route. you have an interesting mind. both you and my mother in law!

from Tomi of Kaysville, UT:
trix are for kids

from Lisa of Winnemucca, NV:
tricks are for kids...

from Gina of Winnemucca, NV:
Trix are for kids.

from Sadie of New Haven, CT:
trix are for kids

from Ashley F of Meridian, ID:
Trix are for kids

from Meghan of Livermore, CA:
really? really?? is there NO work to do at ALL today?! hahahhahaa...just teasing!
trix are for kids!

Weebles Wobble....?
Nate was trying to ask Mike about weevils...and Mike came back with that.
poor kids...they will need all the outside help they can get!

from Susie or Rainier, WA:
Trix are for kids

from me/debbie:
Silly Rabbit, Trix are for kids.

I haven't had Trix in years. Maybe I'll go buy some. My grandma always had Trix and we could eat them at her house.
grandma= Trix
grandmother = Cheerios

Darn it... we passed in the mail

from Linda of Walla Walla, WA:
Trix are for kids.Did I get it? Do I get a prize? What do I win? I'm so excited!!

and Linda of Walla Walla:
Cheerios still rank right up there for me.

we shared the Cheerio grandmother!
But not the Trix grandma

When Meghan said this:
really? really?? is there NO work to do at ALL today?! hahahhahaa...just teasing!

we had no idea.
what a waste of a day it would be.
Now we do...and I have a slight headache.

Shelly and I were at the same meeting... from 11:00 to 1:30
I thought Meghan had some insight into our day, Debbie...crazy day with nothing accomplished!

from me/debbie:
that's it EXACTLY!

How was "your" day Friday Friends?

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