Tuesday, September 16, 2008

music bans?

Would you rather be banned from listening to male singers or female singers?

It's just one of those random questions you ask at parties....when conversation is lagging.

from Shelly in Nevada:
Are you on a "banned" kick these days?

from Barbarb B in Arizona:
I can't decide. What if it's a guy with a high falsetto voice, or a girl with a deep baritone? Then what? Where do you come up with some of these nutty questions??!!

from Jolina in Nevada:

from Cherrie Loohoo in Washington:
Now that's just a horrible question! I feel just as strong about not banning books as you do, but when it comes to music, it is an art just as noble as writting. I hate having to look at CDs in the stores for the lable that they have edited the content for launguage etc., just to make sure I don't buy an altered version. If the artist intended to write the song without certain words, he or she would have! and granted some artists are harsh, but no one MAKES you buy their work. The same with movies, no one MAKES a person watch something they don't want to!
OK, if I really have to answer this, I would choose to keep Male singers, because it broadens your range of choices.
Cherrie Lou Who.

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