Tuesday, September 16, 2008

new week

To begin our week.....
(as you know, Cherrie Loohoo, Rich's sister is working "graveyard" shift at the Boeing Plant.
HEY...why do they call it "graveyard?". Why not just night shift? Because it's the "scary" shift? hmmmm.
AND...she is all alone, guarding the waste water treatment facilities)
(Georgann....well, maybe she wishes her neighbor was.....not so scary.)

Scary working shifts and scary neighbors to begin the FF week.... (say that last sentence in a whisper)

from Cherrie in Washington:
So you're up and at it nice and early today!
I am getting ready to write my tie-in so I can go home at 6:00.
This place can be really creepy in the middle of the night, no one is around, the video cameras have strange shadows that kind of morph or flicker little changes that catch your eye. You find yourself staring at the screen thinking to yourself "What was that! Did something just move on camera three again?!?! why are the lights going on behind that tank?!? What could the motion detector pick up at 3:15 am??? OH NO!!! there it IS on camera Six headed right TOWARDS MY JEEP!!!!!
It's a . . . It's a . . . IT'S A.... Raccoon, headed over to the trash collection area looking for a munchie." Whew! I was worried some monster had crawled out of one of the toxic tanks and was going to go cruisin' in my jeep, or even worse find it's way to the control room to visit me! LOL! I better be careful or I really will scare myself.
It's actually kind of fun doing this job right now, but I will be happy to go back to my regular job when the workers come back from the strike.
Have a great day, and enjoy the weather for me, since I am sleeping through these beautiful September days ;-(
Cherrie Lou Who

from Georgann in California:
I have hesitated to write about our "crazy" neighbor...but this morning was typical of her behavior. She is an Orthopedic surgical nurse...be aware. This morning she is at the far end of her yard screaming into her phone...."my phone # is.......write it down, not like the last f....king idiot that didn't.you f....king idiot." That was how the call continued, apparently she lost her LAN line. I don't know why the person on the other end did not just hang up on her. She then began to swear and yell at her dog....this isn't just yelling, it's a high pitched scream. We have heard her screaming at the dog because it didn't poop fast enough. When we moved here she had two pit bulls, one had been a bait dog. She would scream and swear at them, not that they were offended by the swearing but I don't think I would agitate two pit bulls. We call her "crazy lady:
More about her later.

did not poop fast enough.... ??


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