Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rainbow connections


Why are there so many songs about rainbows

And what's on the other side

Rainbow's are visions

They're only illusions

And rainbows have nothing to hide

So we've been told and some chose toBelieve it

But I know they're wrong wait and see

Someday we'll find it

The Rainbow Connection

The lovers, the dreamers and me

Mushrooms 9/30

and actually..I liked this

I liked this comment that Jolina sent me this morning...

I posted this morning's pic. I was running around in my yard without shoes. You can tell it's not summer any more when your feet hurt from the cold when walking in the grass.

I think these pictures can be a little glimpse into personality. I loved the ducks, those should be posted.
(I am editing this post...as at first I sent it without a picture....Darleen said...and I agree..it is a picture project. And everyone LOVED the ducks from New Haven )

Morning Glory

At least I hope that's what it is! Surely in the turning of the season, these will not be blooming much longer.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Seriously randome

1. are you a crier? Do you cry easy? (like when customers yell at you?)

2. In Winnemucca, we call ourselves "Winnemuccans"
How does one call themselves in the cities they live?
I was thinking specifically Elko..... cuz we were talking about it at lunch. What do we call them.... Elkens? Elkoites?
and then the rest of you too?

Okay....I'll start with the answers that came in already...
but I want answers from all of you.

from Meghan Stone in Livermore, CA:
I used to call people who lived in Livermore Livermorons.
But I live here now!! so ... now we are the wine-ohs. growing up, being a 4th generation San Franciscan, we were called Native Daughters... which I guess many cities called their daughters??? or no? we were the Native Daughters......

from Sadie Stone in New Haven, CT:
When we lived in Stockton we were Stocktonians (which I always thought was ridiculous sounding) In New Haven, it's the elm city. When people are referring to the area or the people in it, it's the Elm city residents. I actually have an ID that labels me as such, called the Elm city resident ID card. No New Havians or anything nutty like that as far as I've ever heard.On the same note at Yale we're called Yalies.

from Tomi Pingree in Kaysville, UT:
We are called Elkoans.

As you can deduce, Tomi "was" an Elkoan. Now she's a Kaysville Kutie!! Or a Kay-Villain.
Interesting...Elm City residents.
and still laughing about the LiverMORONS.

I'm cryyyyyyin' (over you)

from Meghan:
yes...I cry very easily....not if someone yells....(oh, no you DIDN'T?) but at more joyous things, like when I am at a musical and the music swells? also daily at Oprah, whatever the topic may be.

well....not in front of anyone, but after they leave!!

from Sadie:
I can be a crier- it depends on the situation. Frustration will lead me to tears, and sometimes when customers yell it is just frustrating, but other times it just makes me mad. But I cry a lot more than I used to.

from Tomi:
Yes-I'm such a crier! Not so much when people are squawking at me, but in more of a sentimental, schmultzy way. I cry when the kids have been gone for awhile and they come home. I cry when they leave. I cry when I read, watch movies, hear patriotic music. I cry at church. I'm a weenie.

you should have come to the "wiener" fest.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The game cont.

from FF Diana in Elko, NV:
I still have my Weebles Wobble....

I still have my "kids" legos. But nothing of mine survived. No Barbies, no.... um, Barbies. No Barbies.
(you can tell what I liked)

from Diana again:
Im late with my answer.Trix are for kids

Finish Lines

Finish lines....
(this is how you play..... I give you a line, you send back the finish)
okay, ready

Silly rabbit.......

Hooray....we have a winner!!

Silly Rabbit!!

from my mother in law, Teresa Belcher of Pasco, WA:
Silly rabbit, it looks like you are having a bad hare day.

okay....it's a generational thing perhaps.

but.... Mitzi of Winnemucca, N V said:
...that's not a bird!

:0) Bambi, right?

interesting too!! I wasn't thinking of Bambi. But you were the only one to go that route. you have an interesting mind. both you and my mother in law!

from Tomi of Kaysville, UT:
trix are for kids

from Lisa of Winnemucca, NV:
tricks are for kids...

from Gina of Winnemucca, NV:
Trix are for kids.

from Sadie of New Haven, CT:
trix are for kids

from Ashley F of Meridian, ID:
Trix are for kids

from Meghan of Livermore, CA:
really? really?? is there NO work to do at ALL today?! hahahhahaa...just teasing!
trix are for kids!

Weebles Wobble....?
Nate was trying to ask Mike about weevils...and Mike came back with that.
poor kids...they will need all the outside help they can get!

from Susie or Rainier, WA:
Trix are for kids

from me/debbie:
Silly Rabbit, Trix are for kids.

I haven't had Trix in years. Maybe I'll go buy some. My grandma always had Trix and we could eat them at her house.
grandma= Trix
grandmother = Cheerios

Darn it... we passed in the mail

from Linda of Walla Walla, WA:
Trix are for kids.Did I get it? Do I get a prize? What do I win? I'm so excited!!

and Linda of Walla Walla:
Cheerios still rank right up there for me.

we shared the Cheerio grandmother!
But not the Trix grandma

When Meghan said this:
really? really?? is there NO work to do at ALL today?! hahahhahaa...just teasing!

we had no idea.
what a waste of a day it would be.
Now we do...and I have a slight headache.

Shelly and I were at the same meeting... from 11:00 to 1:30
I thought Meghan had some insight into our day, Debbie...crazy day with nothing accomplished!

from me/debbie:
that's it EXACTLY!

How was "your" day Friday Friends?

oh...this is why

ohhh.... this is why..

from Meghan:
the phrase graveyard shift is from centuries ago when they would often accidentally bury people alive...they started tying a bell on a string to their wrist before burying someone and then people would sit at the graveyard to listen for any ringing bells!!! I just read it in a book...cant remember what one, but that's how I know!
we have a VERY bold raccoon living in our yard...last night he accidentally bumped the horse tire swing when he went by it...then decided to have a punching fight with it... if I had been inside not knowing he was out there, and saw the swing go swinging left then right I would have been terrified!

new week

To begin our week.....
(as you know, Cherrie Loohoo, Rich's sister is working "graveyard" shift at the Boeing Plant.
HEY...why do they call it "graveyard?". Why not just night shift? Because it's the "scary" shift? hmmmm.
AND...she is all alone, guarding the waste water treatment facilities)
(Georgann....well, maybe she wishes her neighbor was.....not so scary.)

Scary working shifts and scary neighbors to begin the FF week.... (say that last sentence in a whisper)

from Cherrie in Washington:
So you're up and at it nice and early today!
I am getting ready to write my tie-in so I can go home at 6:00.
This place can be really creepy in the middle of the night, no one is around, the video cameras have strange shadows that kind of morph or flicker little changes that catch your eye. You find yourself staring at the screen thinking to yourself "What was that! Did something just move on camera three again?!?! why are the lights going on behind that tank?!? What could the motion detector pick up at 3:15 am??? OH NO!!! there it IS on camera Six headed right TOWARDS MY JEEP!!!!!
It's a . . . It's a . . . IT'S A.... Raccoon, headed over to the trash collection area looking for a munchie." Whew! I was worried some monster had crawled out of one of the toxic tanks and was going to go cruisin' in my jeep, or even worse find it's way to the control room to visit me! LOL! I better be careful or I really will scare myself.
It's actually kind of fun doing this job right now, but I will be happy to go back to my regular job when the workers come back from the strike.
Have a great day, and enjoy the weather for me, since I am sleeping through these beautiful September days ;-(
Cherrie Lou Who

from Georgann in California:
I have hesitated to write about our "crazy" neighbor...but this morning was typical of her behavior. She is an Orthopedic surgical nurse...be aware. This morning she is at the far end of her yard screaming into her phone...."my phone # is.......write it down, not like the last f....king idiot that didn't.you f....king idiot." That was how the call continued, apparently she lost her LAN line. I don't know why the person on the other end did not just hang up on her. She then began to swear and yell at her dog....this isn't just yelling, it's a high pitched scream. We have heard her screaming at the dog because it didn't poop fast enough. When we moved here she had two pit bulls, one had been a bait dog. She would scream and swear at them, not that they were offended by the swearing but I don't think I would agitate two pit bulls. We call her "crazy lady:
More about her later.

did not poop fast enough.... ??


music bans?

Would you rather be banned from listening to male singers or female singers?

It's just one of those random questions you ask at parties....when conversation is lagging.

from Shelly in Nevada:
Are you on a "banned" kick these days?

from Barbarb B in Arizona:
I can't decide. What if it's a guy with a high falsetto voice, or a girl with a deep baritone? Then what? Where do you come up with some of these nutty questions??!!

from Jolina in Nevada:

from Cherrie Loohoo in Washington:
Now that's just a horrible question! I feel just as strong about not banning books as you do, but when it comes to music, it is an art just as noble as writting. I hate having to look at CDs in the stores for the lable that they have edited the content for launguage etc., just to make sure I don't buy an altered version. If the artist intended to write the song without certain words, he or she would have! and granted some artists are harsh, but no one MAKES you buy their work. The same with movies, no one MAKES a person watch something they don't want to!
OK, if I really have to answer this, I would choose to keep Male singers, because it broadens your range of choices.
Cherrie Lou Who.


I love her, I do.... but how the HELL can you eat a sandwich with NOTHING on the bread.
(except for my son Dustin, who can do the same...how the hell?)

from Traci in California:
Oh...salami sounds SOOO good right now. Salami and crackers or a salami sandwich? If a sandwich what do you put on it?

you are making me hungry.
I don't have salami...we ate it all yesterday.
mustard and mayo.
what do you put on it?

If I have an avacado, it's mustard, avacado and salami..... if no avacado.. nothing just bread & salami.

Hiccups cont.

from Jolina in Nevada:
time warp?
you are so funny.
Isn't it always when they go out to buy cigarettes that they disappear? If Rich suddenly gets the urge to take up smoking, then I'd worry.

from me/debbie
no really...a time warp. I saw it on a movie once.
I always think people go thru them when I can't find them.
It would be humorous, but it's kind of scary to me. LOL (you know I'm kidding, right?) (but if he does take up smoking....I'll be worried)

from Lisa in Nevada:
that is weird Debbie! I have never been woken up by them, that must have been annoying. I am not sure what it means if anything but I just read something about hiccups but I cannot remember where.....maybe I will remember at some point. Cohen has them on a daily basis and he even had them often while in the womb......

from Diana in Nevada:
Doesn't that mean that you are growing? Hey,I met a foodie at the rib cook off. He took pictures of all the ribs that he purchased.

growing? GROWING????
maybe for Cohen, but me? (sigh) you know, I think this might be true. I'm growing. Out.

you should have got the foodies blog!

A little catch up

I have to play a little catch up here.

for the month of September...and today is only the 16th.... I will post all of the FF's topics:


Rich is watching "The Bodyguard" with Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston.

I hate that movie!
he loves it.

wierd. that I hate it. but I do.

and I want to watch the republican convention.

from Theresa in Nevada:

Didn't you watch it earlier????? YOU MUST WATCH Joe Lieberman's speech if you missed it!! MUST!!


Does anybody remember that TV show a couple of years ago, where Gina ?? was the president? she was the VP then the president died?
and she was not as qualified as some would have liked?

well........ ??????


from Meghan in California:
Thanks to Meghan....( a democrat. LOL ) for answering my question about the TV show about the woman president.

I remember the show...never watched it....did she have EXECUTIVE experience??
how are you republicans handling all this?


politics are interesting to me!

I am thinking of voting for the cutest daughter....and IT'S A TIE!!!

Sasha Obama
Piper Palin

they are too dang cute. (piper giving her brother Trig a spit bath? the names are interesting, tho, aren't they?)
We laughed at Levi, the boyfriend, who was probably working at Dairy Queen last Thursday thinking about next weeks hockey game and all of the sudden.... BAM!! LOL )

I take no sides as of yet... I watched both conventions.
YES, Kevi I did. LOL
both the democratic and the republican.
I find them fascinating.
(Mike Mavity said to his wife "no offense to Debbie, but I think you've found a friend as nerdy as you" )

FF comments about John McCain's pick last Friday

from Theresa in Nevada:
Well I'm way excited...
Today I'm a re-energized Republican!!

from Lisa in Nevada:
yeah, me too. I am excited too. I was bummed at first over McCain's choice, then I heard her speech and I really like her!

from Kevi in Nevada:
Good grief, read a book or 7 since you seem to be in a bijillion reading clubs & contests. Conventions are so stupid and boring these days. But I love you anyway.

from me/debbie:
well, that's all on the political front today.
Stay tuned.

I'm hoping for more exciting news of Sasha and Piper!



snow machine
snow machine
snow machine

we must learn the new terminology.
snow mobile--not
snow machine--yes.


(you needed to watch the news and Sarah Palin's speech last night. Her husband is a champion "snow machiner" )

Hic ups

This is sooooo unorthodox. But what is a blog really? I mean, it's a "web log", right? my log. My blog. My journal, my thoughts...... mine.

I have a food blog
I have book blog
I have a soup blog
so this is......a....well.......can a blog be a homage?

Not haven taken English 102 at the local community college here in Winnemucca, I'm not quite sure how to use homage in a sentence. LOL.
But this will be it.....to the Friday Friend Forum. My friends from all over the United States, primarily the west, although I have a few faraway friends in PA and CT too.

As I said...an unorthodox blog, it will be a combination blog. A combination of thoughts and ideas on...any subject we care to talk about.
Authors are the Friday Friends...and we are from all over.
Narrator will be me, Debbie.

the definition of homage:

respect or reverence paid or rendered: In his speech he paid homage to Washington and Jefferson.
the formal public acknowledgment by which a feudal tenant or vassal declared himself to be the man or vassal of his lord, owing him fealty and service.
the relation thus established of a vassal to his lord.
something done or given in acknowledgment or consideration of the worth of another: a Festschrift presented as an homage to a great teacher.

and now...

from me/debbie:
I've had the hiccups in the middle of the night, 2x this morning, 2x at work today.

what is going on?

the middle of the night was weird. it woke up up.

Then later in the day, after sending out that note to the FFF (Friday Friend Forum), they wrote back....

from Gina:
I've always had that little small fear when I get hic ups that they will not ever go away. I saw a report on that once. It would be annoying to have them permanently.

from Jolina:
I never get the hiccups once in a day, it's always 3 or 4 times. I don't think I've ever been awakened by them. Poor thing, they hurt. It's always especially fun to answer the phone when I have them.

from Traci:
That is weird!

from me/debbie:
yes, it was weird. to be woken up with hiccups is weird.
and then the secret fear that they won't go away....can sometimes cause a panic attack. Panic with hiccups, not good.

Another secret fear I have.... when I can't find Rich in, say, a bookstore, or a large produce stand/market, I am sure he has walked thru a time-warp and I will never see him again. And I start to get panicky and then he usually shows up.