Saturday, September 18, 2010

Labor Day #3

I wanted to take pictures of old barns, so we took a little drive.  I think it's one of the most beautiful places ever.
BUT....just FYI...for those of you who are going next summer.  Don't say  "lets go to Hurricane Creek"  (with long vowel sounds)  you have to say   Huricun Crick.
I thought you might like to know that.  I know I would, because of all the people who come into the chamber and pronounce Winnemucca AND Nevada wrong.  :~)

And now..... the barns ......

one barn

two barns  (there were times when Rich wouldn't stop for me to take a picture---he just kept on driving, hence the pole in front of the picture)

three barns

four  (while technically not a barn, it's a's still pretty to me)

five barns

six barns

seven barns


and more

stay tuned for  part #4
which might include some cows like these...

and some farm scenery like this:

Labor Day #2

Just more pictures for my make you all want to join me there next August.

I love little towns with sidewalks like these.
This is in Joseph, OR.
6 miles from our cabin.

And I just like the look of old buildings

They do a lot of bronze work there in Joseph.  There are a couple of foundries that you can tour.  One of them did the famous "bulls" for Merrill Lynch (which is somewhere in New York...the front of the ML building)
And Joseph has many bronze statues on street corners of their main street.

more sidewalks...
(I have a confession---blogger is not letting me make my pictures big unless I have text between pictures.  I don't have the time to work with it right I'm writing random, mindless statements. )

This is Rich's favorite hardware store--in the whole world.

end of part 2.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day Weekend part 1

   On Labor Day Weekend, Rich and I took a short holiday for ourselves.   We went to our family cabin at Wallowa Lake in Oregon. 

Early in the morning my favorite thing to do is get up and walk down by the lake.  One morning...not this past weekend,  there was steam coming up off the lake, and I sooo wanted a picture of it, but of course I didn't have my camera with me, so now...I always have my camera.

This is my favorite tree.  Yes, I know it's dead, but it's been here for years and years...and I like to take it's picture.

I like the way the water looks at dawn...and the shadow and silhouette of the trees.

And you can just see the sun hitting the tops of the hills.

That guy out there?  That's Rich.  He sometimes ( always) walks way far in front of me....he isn't as enamoured of picture taking as I am.
There aren't  very many people out walking at 6:00am.

There is more at noon time.
(I took this from the car....Rich was driving back to the cabin after we had lunch in town)

This is where the river (the one that runs behind our cabin) enters the lake.

And my tree, from the other side  (along with some added sunrise)

Just some logs on the shore.

and birds on the lake

flying..... be with his friends

And here I will end part #1. photo card filled up and I couldn't take anymore pictures on my morning walk.