Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Morning

Some pics of Christmas morning  (mostly)  and Christmas Eve (a few)

The best parts of the holiday season for me?

1. Watching Cassie on the Merry-Go-Round at the Phoenix Zoo during ZooLights! (she loved it, her dad got a bit sick to his stomach LOL ) and seeing pictures of their Christmas tree --bare on the bottom half where she kept taking off the ornaments and bringing them to her parents!

2. Holding Emerson at church on Christmas Eve, and seeing her wonder in the candles and everyone singing Silent Night. And then she signed "more, more".

3. Seeing the big smile on Eli's face as he made a basket in his brand new little Tykes basketball hoop. He looked around at us, smiling like he had just won March Madness!

4. Getting a picture text of Evalynn with her brand new PINK knit cap and mittens, opening her new doll house, and a phone call later with her saying "I love you"

5. An early morning call from Camron, "thank you Gram for the ventriloquist doll. I was just wondering last night if Santa would bring me one, cuz I forgot to tell him"

I only have pics of   "my" Christmas morning (silly other kids who aren't prompt sending me pictures )
It was a great morning... and evening before.
Merry Christmas!

oh...we got Marc a garden hose, as one of his gifts.... don't laugh, he loved it.

As did his children...

Poor little Emmy had a cold.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Zoolights in Phoenix

On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, we braved the cold (hahaha, that's a joke, since we were in Phoenix.  We had blizzards and record breaking cold at home in Winnemucca, but a very nice warm holiday down south.  Altho everyone there thought they were freezing ) we went to the Phoenix Zoo, with our son Luke, his wife Mara and daughter Cassandra,  to see....