Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A little catch up

I have to play a little catch up here.

for the month of September...and today is only the 16th.... I will post all of the FF's topics:


Rich is watching "The Bodyguard" with Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston.

I hate that movie!
he loves it.

wierd. that I hate it. but I do.

and I want to watch the republican convention.

from Theresa in Nevada:

Didn't you watch it earlier????? YOU MUST WATCH Joe Lieberman's speech if you missed it!! MUST!!


Does anybody remember that TV show a couple of years ago, where Gina ?? was the president? she was the VP then the president died?
and she was not as qualified as some would have liked?

well........ ??????


from Meghan in California:
Thanks to Meghan....( a democrat. LOL ) for answering my question about the TV show about the woman president.

I remember the show...never watched it....did she have EXECUTIVE experience??
how are you republicans handling all this?


politics are interesting to me!

I am thinking of voting for the cutest daughter....and IT'S A TIE!!!

Sasha Obama
Piper Palin

they are too dang cute. (piper giving her brother Trig a spit bath? the names are interesting, tho, aren't they?)
We laughed at Levi, the boyfriend, who was probably working at Dairy Queen last Thursday thinking about next weeks hockey game and all of the sudden.... BAM!! LOL )

I take no sides as of yet... I watched both conventions.
YES, Kevi I did. LOL
both the democratic and the republican.
I find them fascinating.
(Mike Mavity said to his wife "no offense to Debbie, but I think you've found a friend as nerdy as you" )

FF comments about John McCain's pick last Friday

from Theresa in Nevada:
Well I'm way excited...
Today I'm a re-energized Republican!!

from Lisa in Nevada:
yeah, me too. I am excited too. I was bummed at first over McCain's choice, then I heard her speech and I really like her!

from Kevi in Nevada:
Good grief, read a book or 7 since you seem to be in a bijillion reading clubs & contests. Conventions are so stupid and boring these days. But I love you anyway.

from me/debbie:
well, that's all on the political front today.
Stay tuned.

I'm hoping for more exciting news of Sasha and Piper!



snow machine
snow machine
snow machine

we must learn the new terminology.
snow mobile--not
snow machine--yes.


(you needed to watch the news and Sarah Palin's speech last night. Her husband is a champion "snow machiner" )

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