Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Still...My town, my trip

Still Day 4

After the Swamp Monster scare.... my dad and I went to the new branch library in Kennewick.
YES... I lead an exciting life!!

There are now 2....count 'em....two libraries in the town I grew up in.

Look at their "return" slots. In Winnemucca we have a "mail box" where EVERYTHING goes...except the media. You have to take that inside.

This is how they do the "reserved" books. They just line them up and you go and get your own. In Winnemucca, we call and they are kept in the back room for a few days until you can make it down.
Obviously we don't trust people to pick up their own book requests like this. LOL

And checking out? Holy Moly.
There is a big sign. And then.... you can do it yourself! You can just check yourself out.
It's express. The libraries are going express, just like the grocery stores.

And that was Day 4.....
I did not take pictures of our trip to Costco nor my sister-in-law, Sylvia, my mom and me, scrapbooking in the evening.
I probably should have. (cuz I know you find my life exciting)

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Karen said...

I would have loved to see a picture of all the goodies in Costco! Wow, that is some library! I haven't been in a library in years (remember I can't read) but I collect old books. What is that about? I LOVE the smell of old books.