Monday, June 15, 2009

My Town

I really fell behind.... in telling you about my week in Washington.

Day 3.
The day LeAnne (my practical sister....not that she's all that practical..LOL.... but Rich's sisters are the closest thing I have to they are practically my sisters )
I'm really lucky that way.

I sent some of you a picture of this already.
My dad is having some health issues and Rich's mom had a stint (her 5th) put in her artery while I was up north.
so on day 3, LeAnne and I went to see "Up", which we loved.
They gave us 3-d glasses, but I understand they don't always. Here in Winnemcucca, they don't give them out.
BUT I thought it would be great if I took a picture of LeAnne and I in our 3-D glasses...... so here we are in the bathroom at the movie theater, trying to get a picture of ourselves.
The bathroom really was a good place to be, since we laughed ourselves silly and almost peed our pants.

We needed some comic relief!! And we got it. (in ourselves)

Theda liked the movie:
We (Sarah, Aaron, John and I) to see this w/o 3D for John's bday. It was a great movie.

too funny Debbie. You did not say if you liked the movie.......I am wanting to see it, I love the clips from it

it is here now, in Winnemucca. I can loan you my 3-D glasses!!!
I really liked the movie.

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