Monday, June 15, 2009

My Town continued

When I was a kid, we were able to roam about our towns more than the kids of today are. We could be gone for hours and our mother's didn't worry about us.
Even when I had kids, I didn't let them roam for hours , or wait, I didn't let Luke or Dustin roam for hours.... I was AFRAID, but Marcus? Well, he did roam. He was my 3rd child and we lived in a small town, but none of my kids, no matter how far and wide a let them or didn't let them roam, had to deal with.....THE SWAMP MONSTER! The dreaded Swamp Monster, who put fear in the hearts and minds of every kid within a 5 mile radius of Zintel Canyon.
I lost my shoe once in a quick sand bog in Zintel Canyon....we think the Swamp Monster actually reached up and grabbed it and sucked it down into the muddy quagmire. It was a scary place.
I can't believe my mom let me play in it. For hours nonetheless!! Didn't she know? About the Swamp Monster?

Zintel Canyon is a....canyon about a half a mile from the house I grew up in. It begins at 7th street and ends at 27th street.
Sometime between when I was a kid worried about (but not enough to stay away from) the Swamp Monster and now, the parks and rec department in Kennewick has made the canyon into a "natural" park or greenway".
It is still very spooky at 6:00 a.m. when no one, NO ONE is around.
I got a bit I knew there could be a serial killer lurking in the swamp.
Serial Killer or Swamp Monster. One was out to get me!!

Day #4 of my trip up north
I took an early morning walk thru the Home of the Swamp Monster, aka Zintel Canyon.

I approach the 7th street entrance. See those tennis courts across the street? boyfriend Rich Stone (and Theda and her boyfriend Steve Bartlett) used to play tennis there early in the mornings.

But I am confused....where is this "trail?"

This is the trail I find....okay. A Sidewalk. I'm good. I'm not scared.

The sidewalk ends and a trail begins.... yikes....I turn around and this is what I'm leaving....

And this is what I'm headed into.

What fricking "greenway"? It looks like I'm headed into the home of the Swamp Monster.

Oh look, here is a bridge... a bridge over the muddy bog...which now looks like a clear running stream. Hmmm.....Interesting. I'll go over the bridge.

And what is this? A black topped path?

And concrete stools by the stream? Obviously, I didn't take the right path to begin with. LOL

And even benches.... benches all along the blacktopped path.

I'll sit and enjoy the quietness of the swamp. WAIT, I hear something..... THE SWAMP bird in tree?

Hurry!! Run down the black topped path, quick as I could.... to the....sign that says "Trail Head". LOL

Ah, I'm from the Swamp Monster AND the serial killer of Zintel Canyon. (who has yet to kill anyone... but I didn't want to be the first.)
Cherrie Lou Who said that my chances of running into a serial killer are great than that of running into the Swamp Monster.
I'm not so sure.... ????
She carries a tazer. Or a gun. at all walking times. I probably should have.
Now I'll walk up the hill towards home.
This is the house I grew up in. My bedroom is at the end of the can see the window thru the juniper bush. My boyfriend Rich Stone came to see me and "tapped" at my window to kiss me good night, once. Ahhhh....

This is in my parents back yard. You really don't see telephone and electrical wires like that anymore, except in old neighborhoods.

Rich and I are always amazed by the wires. Even tho they've always been there. The squirrels run across them all the time.

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