Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Baby Showers

Another Friday about to become a GRANDMA!!
Judy's daughter, Stacy is due on August 2nd.
Here are some pics from the baby shower.

(I can't wait for the reunion!  Or the "union" as Sally D says, since some of us have not met)

Mother and daughter
Judy and Stacy
(actually that would be Stacy on the left and Judy on the right)

They are so pretty!!

and Judy is sniffing a diaper!!
(she better get  used to that.  lol  )
It's the shower game where you melt candy bars in the diapers and you try to recognize what kind of candy bar it is by the smell.
Great Game!

When we lived in  Los Banos, my boys used to play with the neighborhood kids, and this little boy named Jacob lived right next door to us.    Jacob and his brother Nathaniel were regulars  playing at our house...and in our  garage.
I remember  the boys playing poker with smarties.
And then one day, my good friend Judy called and said,  "I think you know Stacy's new boyfriend"
And the rest is history!

Stacy and Jacob.
and pretty soon little Kellan Eric Brehm Saucedo will join their family.