Monday, April 19, 2010

Beach Trips and Misson Accomplished!

Dear Friday Friends.....
I really need more pictures of all of you.
Want to know a secret weird thing about me?  I don't like swimming in the ocean AT ALL.  I love the beach, but I don't like to get in the water above my knees. It scares me.

but look at this!  Mitzi in the water with her boys!
Mitzi and Larry took a srping break week to Florida.

And the Stones....well, I mean, THE OTHER Stones, the Mike and Meghan Stones, took a Mission Trip.  Not to Glide Memorial Methodist church in SF, but it's 4th grade in CA!   Which means a "mission" report and CA History.
They took Nate to visit a mission in Santa Cruz, and then took a picnic to the beach.
she said  (I always love her menues.   I only added wine):
We are heading to santa cruz to visit the mission for nates 4th grade project (did ur boys do them in 4th?) And then bringing a picnic to the beach as it should be about 70.... Tuna sammies, thai salad, strawberries... What else?

YOU TOO, can have your picture posted.
(if you are a Friday Friend)
Just send them to me and I'll do it. 
(unless you know how to upoad them yourself)