Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Bible Tells me so

The Bible tells me so...

Grandchildren are a crown to the aged.

(okay it says Children's children are a crown to the aged. Same thing)

and our children are what??? I can only remember the grandkids!


Ah....let me take a trip down "Memory Lane".
(hahahaahaaa....that's my daughter in law walking down memory lane. Sadie)
Sadie and Mark are in...... wait for it.... (scroll down)

Mark and Sadie are in.....
CAPE COD! can you read it?
Now we get to my grandchildren.
Eli and Emerson enjoying the sights in Cape Cod. Their first trip to the coast or beach or shore (depends on where you are).

And Mark and Sadie.
Our youngest son and his wife.

Our oldest son and his wife.
Jeff and Tara.

And...our grandson Jorell.... a "double drinker" it appears.

Jordan and Jorell in "George" Washington.

BY GEORGE! (seriously. this is George, Washington)

George Washington is in Washington State, on the Columbia River Gorge. they have a "natural" theater there. Well, the stone seating is the only natural thing, but you can see it here:

Back to the gorge in George......

Jeff. I think he was helping put the concert together... working "behind the scenes"

And the stage.... by George.

Jorell by the stage by George!

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Karen said...

E&E are really growing! Nice pics :)