Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Community Garden Walk

I am making this post a "My world Tuesday" post... it is the neatest way to see pictures of other's "worlds". Click the link on my side bar to see others.....

On Saturday morning, I took a walk thru the Community Garden. I always like to go see what the "community" is up too...and to see how the Garden takes shape and how it is every changing. A few years ago, this was nothing more than an empty lot owned by the City.

Our little Community Garden folk are very active and they are now officially on the Nevada Trail System. They do have a nice little trail thru there.

Don't forget that this is Northern Nevada....we had snow last week. It's getting there.
I'll go back in a month and you won't be able to tell it's the same trail-community garden.
Once the veggies begin to grow, there is a "Farmers Market" there at the garden every Thursday. I like to stop by and get fresh, fresh veggies in the summer.

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