Monday, April 6, 2009

Regents Meeting

My friend and Great Basin College (GBC) Student Government Association (SGA) Senator, Ilona Somers traveled to the Regents Meeting last Thursday and Friday. I neglected to get a picture of her and I, but managed to take a picture of my dinner Thursday night. Just shows you where my priorities are! It was a spicy scallop and shrimp dish. We also had some fried veggie appetizer that was equally wonderful. Yum-o!!

We at at the Basil Thai Restaurant in Carson City. It is located on Carson Street just down from the Legislature.

This is our esteemed Board of Regents for the Nevada Higher System of Education with various Student Government folks from across the state.

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Auntie Kay said...

Yummy Yummy - that was always one of my favorite places to eat and they present the food so well. Hope you had great time while you were there!!!